Luca Marcolin

Montebelluna – Treviso

Luca has developed a more than twenty-year managerial and consulting experience, dealing with human resources and management control in multinationals such as Electrolux, Stefanel and Marcolin. Then he developed his professionality dedicating to large organizations and family businesses as a coach, consultant and trainer.

Erika Brentegani

Sommacampagna – Verona

Erika has developed over twenty years of experience in companies. She has worked in different roles, with different responsibilities and she has developed a concrete and systemic approach. NLP Coach and Family Audit Consultant, she has developed a particular interest for the integration of entrepreneurs and employees between family and business, with the aim of creating greater harmony between personal, family and professional life, with a consequent return in terms of business results.

Roberto Marini

Spresiano – Treviso

Roberto is an occupational psychologist and a psychotherapist. His long management experience led him to deal with the management and organization of production processes, as well as people and cost control. Today he divides his work between therapeutic practice and organizational consulting to companies. Managerial experience and sensitivity to personal issues led him to become interested in the dynamics of family businesses, a context in which he offers the best of his skills of qualified listening.

Massimiliano Massaro


Massimiliano is a occupational psychologist with a long experience of supporting companies in managing their internal dynamics. He worked for different businesses of different sizes, dealing with organizational development and leadership while maintaining a strong focus on management processes. After consolidating his skills as a coach, he focused on the topic of family businesses where he can offer his sensitivity.


Nancy Perin

Sulmona – L’Aquila

Nancy has developed a ten-year experience as a consultant starting from the Human Resources sector. After that, she has followed projects in the most important production companies of Triveneto, dealing with staff administration and executive search. Passionate about Laughter Yoga and holistic approaches, she brings to family businesses personal valuable tools such as her vitality and passion for life.

Laura Piccinali

Gallarate – Varese

Laura’s experience starts from her family business, a structured reality in which she has had different responsibilities and in which she has directly lived all the usual challenges of family businesses. In fact, after and alongside his activity as a coach and consultant in the area of organization and human resources, FBU has studied the approach and method that makes available to entrepreneurs and family businesses.

Elena Ripamonti


Elena takes care of people in organizations as an expert psychologist of leadership and transversal skills, as a professional coach and as an organizational consultant. His vitality and his passion become a proposal to face the personal, family and business process with enthusiasm, in the belief that there is always a way to succed on both personal and collective dimension.

Corrado Ruini

Sassuolo – Modena

Corrado has a degree in Communication Sciences. After ten years of entrepreneurial activity, since 2000 he deals with business consulting. He obtained an Executive Master in management of training processes and one in philosophical and anthropological consulting. He created the “”human capital development”” coaching method, based on a mental approach to work and listening. These are precious tools to follow the complexity of family businesses.

Barbara Valentini


Barbara has been working for over 15 years with companies of different complexities, family and business, multinationals and investment funds, in Italy and abroad. She helps people and companies to achieve goals and improve results, starting from performance analysis and redefinition of business strategies, passing through the growth of skills and the development of people’s potential. She uses the FBU approach to work in family businesses, integrating business goals with harmony in family dynamics.

Clara Canzi


Clara has gained a consolidated managerial experience in the Sales and Human Resources sector in important multinational corporations with family management. In this way she learned the peculiar challenges of this type of companies. Now she dedicates herself exclusively to projects of organizational and management development of family businesses, where she applies her managerial experience, as well as her great humanistic sensitivity.

Sabrina Fantini

Montebelluna – Treviso

Sabrina halps to manage meeting between people in social and organizational contexts. She is moved by the desire to contribute to the well-being of people and communities.
Counselor and network manager, she gained a long experience working with companies and institutions within complex systems, developing projects of strategic communication, territorial marketing and network coordination.
Today she offers sensitivity, strong listening skills and the ability to integrate different needs and languages also in family businesses, in order to guide entrepreneurial families to share vision and goals, tools and practices of collaborative relationships.

Silvia Grotti


Silvia has gained a long-standing managerial experience working for her own family business. This allows her to best understand the governance system and the family dynamics that she now identifies in her business clients. Silvia has developed specific coaching competences for the family and social environments, which are very useful when defining an effective work-life balance of the entrepreneurial family.

Maurizio Bottaro


Maurizio has been solely working as a manager and consultant for family businesses for over twenty years. He is committed to helping family businesses identify the best strategy for the future and positively manage the company transition to the next generation. Family businesses turn to Maurizio to develop their company in a profitable way and with a bearable risk. Maurizio works on the organization, the selling system, the development of the subordinates’ competences through consultancy, training and coaching.

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