Who are the FBU Practitioners?

The FBU Practitioners are trainers, coaches and consultants passionate about family businesses: they are trained to implement the FBU System.
Each of them works respecting the FBU Authentic Approach: they get involved, with competence and humanity, without fear of showing up or losing the customer, but aiming to create a context of trust.


What do the FBU Practitioners do?

Each FBU Practitioner integrates a great passion for the human and relational dimension with solid knowledge of team and organization management, in order to help entrepreneurs manage their family and business.

  • Training to use the FBU System tools
  • Helping during the family and company meeting
  • Helping entrepreneurs, their families and their managers to put their talents at stake


How can you become an FBU Practitioner?

Through the FBU Practitioner: five days in which you are trained to implement the FBU system with the aim of improving your ability to intervene effectively in family businesses. At the end of the Practitioner, you will have the possibility to access all the tools of the FBU System (Model, Process, Tools).



  • The family business. Vices and virtues of the three systems.
  • FBU Intervention Style. Authentic Approach.
  • FBU skills. Participant skills balance.
  • Personal and group profiles.
  • The FBU System: Model, Processes and Tools.
  • Personal Dimension
  • Family Dimension
  • Business Dimension
  • Approach: begin with the Connection Meeting
  • First Phase: Startup Meeting, Implementation and Closing Meeting.
  • Second Phase: Consolidation and Exit.


To be an FBU Practitioner you need to:

  • join the FBU Practitioner
  • be active in the FBU community to cultivate an exchange of skills and experiences with colleagues
  • sign a collaboration agreement, follow the FBU Protocols and take care of your customers under the supervision of FBU

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