FBU Academy is a training course for entrepreneurs and members of entrepreneurial families who want to be more aware on their role in the family business.



The FBU Academy is specifically designed for young entrepreneurs who cover or intend to cover positions of responsibility in their family businesses.



The FBU Academy is a training course composed by four modules, each dedicated to a specific theme (relationships, roles, purpose and numbers). You will be able to analyze your involvement and develop your leadership in the family and in the company.



  • Module I – People. Personal and relational dynamics, self management, communication and confrontation are the basis for effective leadership in any business (even more when family dynamics are involved).
  • Module II – Organization. Structure and processes are essential to prevent companies and families from merging. The SAMO © Model helps the participants to clearify their different roles in the family business.
  • Module III – Purpose. There is no successful person or organization without clear purposes and values. Clarifying the vision is a necessary condition for implementing plans and strategies.
  • IV Module – Numbers. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Defining objectives becomes the way to verify visions and translate them into concrete actions. Finding indicators and knowing how to interpret them is a fundamental tool.

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