The Individual Process allows the single members of the company to have support when they are involved in a change of role and responsibility. These changes are really delicate moments: there is a transition between a “before” and an “after” in which the person must be guided, especially if the business context makes it difficult to move from a leader role to a support role or vice versa.


What I get

To do this we propose to the person involved in the role change a coaching period, in which he/she can work on himself/herself, his/her goals and his/her relations with others.


How I get it

The Process develops over a period of one year through two macro phases:


Three months in which we guide the entrepreneur (throught the FBU Model) in order to create a plan of action that leads him/her to define new values, new goals, new behaviors for the new role.
The implementation is divided into three steps.

  1. First step: we talk about roles, responsibilities, relationships and goals according to the FBU model;
  2. Second step: four meetings in which we discuss the issues inside each quarters of the FBU Model. The purpose is to make roles and responsibilities clear, to define the vision and the goals and to refine behaviors;
  3. Third step: it is the last implementation’s phase. We organize a final meeting to make the points of change clear and produce the documents which will be the basis offuture consolidation.


This is a longer phase (nine months) in which we organize periodic checks every three months to understand how identities and behaviors are adapting to different roles and responsibilities.


They are the starting point to begin an indepth discussion about the family business.