FBU Model

The Model is divided in four parts: People, Organization, Scope and Numbers. These different parts permit to identify and represent the individual, the family and the company in a complete way.

The People quarter focuses on individual and relational dynamics; the Organization quarter goes deep into the structure of responsibility and into the operation and coordination processes; the Scope quarter allows clarification of the vision and strategies; finally, the Number quarter allows clarity of objectives and performance indicators.

FBU Process

It is a circular and logical process that can be acquired and put into practice to ensure the achievement of harmony and results over time.

The FBU process develops in two steps: the first consists in the Model’s implementation, while the second is a period of consolidation in which people, families and businesses learn to manage harmony and results independently.

FBU Tools

These are simple and effective tools which allow a deeper look at each quarter’s dimensions and how to complete the process.

Only in this way we can ensure the effectiveness of management and the quality of relationships in families and companies.

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