In order to implement the four Quarters of the FBU Model and its Tools, the FBU System has developed an autonomous but integrated Family and Business Process.
A separate Personal Process may be useful for those directly involved in the change of roles and responsibilities.

After the decision of activating Family, Enterprise or both, the processes are developed in two steps: Implementation and Consolidation.


This is the step before the actual start of the FBU Process, a phase in which the family members begin to talk to each other about the possibility of an intervention.

After the first contact with FBU, we organise the “”connection meeting”” in which the entrepreneurial family meets with an FBU Consultant and evaluates the opportunity to implement the FBU System.


The Implementation step begins with a start-up meeting, where we organize group meetings and individual interviews.

This process develops over the next three months through the exploration of the four quarters, getting to a complete implementation according to the modalities shared by the family and company in the closing meeting.


This is a longer phase in which we organize quarterly meetings to understand how the FBU model and tools have been developed and to give indications on how to improve.

Between one meeting and the other, the FBU Consultant remains in support and side by side with the system.

Circular logic

Although the quarters and levels are all interconnected, there is a logical order that guides our intervention:
PeopleOrganizationPurposeNumbers (Model)
IndividualFamilyBusiness (Process)

But there is also a circular vision in which all levels influence one to each other: from the beginning we consider all plans and we develop a solution with a logic that allows to have an interconnected vision.


After the implementation and coordination steps, the Family Business has all it takes to continue its growing process in autonomy.

The purpose of the FBU is to help solve some delicate issues of family businesses by teaching them the tools and methods in order to handle new problems and new challenges in the family, as well as in the business.

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