The Business Process allows the family business to grow professionally, to manage the family members, the managers and the employees and guide them in the implementation of the FBU Model. Moreover, this process allows growth of individuals and teams, making clear all roles, responsibilities and coordination methods. In this way it is possible to create value for customers and results for the company.


What I get

To do this we offer a model which analyzes the Company in all its aspects and allows the Company team to define goals and approaches.


How I get it

The Process develops over a period of one year through two macro phases:


Three months in which we explain the most effective ways to use our tools and obtain results. The implementation is divided into three steps.

  1. First step: we organize group and individual meetings with the whole company team. During these meetings we talk about the FBU Model and we decide the critical issues and the areas in which to intervene to activate the growth of the organization;
  2. Second step: four days in which we discuss the issues inside each quarters of the FBU Model: Relationships, Rules, Vision, Numbers. The purpose is to permit each member of the team to know the different aspects that will be faced;
  3. Third step: it is the last implementation’s phase. We organize individual final interviews and a final meeting with the whole team to make the points of change clear and produce the documents which will be the basis of future consolidation.


This is a longer phase (nine months) in which we organize some meetings (every month or quarter) to understand how the FBU Model and Tools have developed and to discuss how to improve its implementation. Between each meeting, the FBU Consultant is available to help and support the entrepreneurs.


They are the starting point to begin an indepth discussion about the family business.