The FBU System provides a set of tools for each dimensions: Person, Family and Business.

Here you can download the tools, to develope ideas on how to work independently and to understand how we can help you to manage the dynamics of your family business.


The Person’s Tools help those people involved in the family business to work in order to develop the best relational dynamics and to define roles, goals and vision.

  1. The “Vicious – virtuous” relationship cycle
  2. Dolquest
  3. Individual map
  4. Public Identity


The Family Tools are designed to help family members to be more aware of the company conditions by sharing stories, values and goals aiming to the wellness of the family, of its heritage and of its relationship with the company.

  1. Family meetings
  2. Family Card
  3. Timetable
  4. Wealth Management
  5. Planning Inheritance


The Company Tools are useful to make the company team aware of vision, values, goals and rules of coordination.

  1. Business Goal: Vision and Values, Strategy and distinctive elements
  2. Business Numbers: Long, medium and short goals + performance indicators
  3. Governance System
  4. Responsibility System
  5. Process System
  6. Coordination System
  7. People System
  8. The Management Hourglass
  9. Constructive Comparisons
  10. Individual Meeting

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