Zordan Srl

We involved Luca in the middle of a storm: he was very helpful with us both from the organizational and the value point of view. He suggested us to consider the Bcorp movement, which is now the main driver of our behaviors.
Luca is a former controller that combines values, experience and expertise at the service of family businesses.

Maurizio, Marta and Alfredo Zordan, Owners of Zordan Srl sb

Padoan Srl

We are two managers of a family business (brother and sister). We have very different personalities, but thanks to the FBU Process we have understood the importance of confrontation in order to find a compromise, always keeping in mind our company goals.

Francesco and Stefania Padoan, CEOs of Padoan Srl


The organization of a company is like a gear: it must be periodically oiled, otherwise the mechanisms will jammed. Thank to the FBU Model, we have reviewed the responsibility structures and the coordination mechanisms between the different offices, stimulating a greater involvement of the collaborators.

Pierangelo Girardello, CEO of IMG SpA

Favero Electronics Srl

At school we learn about history, geography, mathematics. But who teaches us to communicate and relate to others? During the journey with FBU I discovered a totally new world: I learned the techniques to communicate and relate better in contexts of disagreement in which it is necessary to achieve results.

Stefano Favero, CEO of Favero Electronics Srl

Casa di Spedizioni Casarin Srl

The training course by FBU was excellent: it allowed me to acquire skills and tools to facilitate and enrich the relational and growth processes.

Luisa Casarin, CEO of Casa di Spedizioni Casarin Srl

Estrima Srl

I have always believed that the key for a company’s development is to have a method to manage relationships and, at the same time, to let relationships help to create the method. The FBU logic has this kind of balance.

Matteo Maestri, CEO of Estrima Srl

Fila Industria Chimica SpA

For family businesses, the succession is a very delicate moment. FBU allowed us to face it with method and supervision. The harmony that has been generated has permitted us to achieve the expected results.

Alessandra and Francesco Pettenon, CEOs of Fila Industria Chimica SpA

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